July 2013 Hot Flash Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is half over and we are in the month of July.  It seems as if we just celebrated the New Year!  July is a great time to start focusing on and making plans for Holiday Sales and first quarter 2014.

HOT Flash is focusing on the importance of Sales for your Business all year long including: how to hire the right sales people, training everyone in your business for sales from top to bottom and everything in between.

We are focusing on “Sales” for the following reasons:

  • Countless new small businesses are being created across the country every day.
  • The realization that most small business owners don’t recognize that without Sales there is “No” business.
  • Because of the many request S4HM receives from business owners and sales representatives for assistance in selling their products and services

If you have a business, event, or project that you need Sales assistance with and would like Spencer 4Higher Media to consider, please send us your request.

If you are new to HOT Flash, our goal is to provide you with valuable information, new ideas and opportunities for growth.  In 2013, HOT Flash is focusing on the importance of Advertising which goes hand in hand with Sales and provide Tips for your business in regards to Sales and Advertising. 

 In July 2013 we present

Sales Tip #4  “To Generate Sales….You Have To Advertise”

 Read more below!



                HOT Flash….“Hot Topic Spotlight”

 The Ohio Sickle Cell & Health Association (OSCHA) will be featured once again this year in the 2013 September issue of The Praise Reporter Newspaper for the September Sickle Cell Month Special Edition. This edition will feature news and information on Sickle Cell Disease and available programs around the state of Ohio and nationwide.  Special events and programs will be take place including health walks, free screenings and testing, blood drives and Sickle Cell Sabbath at more than 100 churches in Ohio.  Special radio commercials featuring former OSU football player, Super Bowl 43 MVP and current New York Jets Wide Receiver, Santonio Holmes will air during September at radio stations in Akron, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo.

The Ohio Sickle Cell & Health Association and Santonio Holmes will also be featured on the cover of the August/September 2013 issue of True Skye Youth Magazine.   For more information go to www.ohiosicklecell.org.



                    HOT Flash….“Hot News”


>Spencer 4Higher Media welcomes “new” Executive Administrative Assistant, Patricia Munnerlyn to the company.  Patricia brings many years of Administrative experience to Spencer 4Higher Media.

>Spencer 4Higher Media proudly introduces Spencer 4Higher Education!  Spencer 4Higher Education works with Schools and School districts providing In-School and After-School Programs titled “Exploring Careers – Focus on Your Future”.  This program provides opportunities for students to explore, discover and experience various careers and enhance their ability to become passionate, happy and productive members of society.

>1580 WVKO AM “The Praise” is back on the air in Central Ohio. Spencer 4Higher Media has partnered with 1580 WVKO the oldest African American radio station in Columbus, Ohio to help promote the radio station to advertising clients and to provide Sales & Manager Training.  

>Spencer 4Higher Media welcomes new advertising client Smith Mortuary in     Columbus, Ohio.

>Spencer 4Higher Media is currently conducting the 3rd year Advertising Campaign for the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) Ride Solutions program.  Ride Solutions is a FREE service that assist individuals car and van pool or just find a ride to work.  The New MORPC Bench Billboards are on the streets in Central Ohio now.  For more information on how MORPC can help your company and your employees get to work click on> http://morpc.org/transportation/ridesolutions/carpool.asp.





S4HM SALES TRAINING:  Spencer 4Higher Media offers Sales Training for rookie and veteran sales representatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate professionals.  Unique side by side trainings available from 1 day up to 30 days. 


S4HM PERSON TO PERSON:  S4HM Street Team conducts Exclusive Flier,

Product Sampling and Coupon Opportunities. This includes concerts, comedy

shows, entertainment venues, community events, churches, and beauty & 

barber salons. Participating clients receive unique opportunity to have S4HM 

Street Team distribute fliers, product samples and/or coupons accompanied

by Facebook & Twitter support.



September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month and features Sponsorship and advertising opportunities for Businesses and Community Organizations in support of sickle cell disease via Ad placement and Editorial Stories in the Praise Reporter Newspaper. Paper is distributed throughout the state of Ohio to more than 500 churches as well as businesses and community organizations.



Annual 8 week event featuring R&B and Jazz entertainment, food and information vendor booths to over 30,000 Adults ages 25 and over and their families. Event is held on 8 Thursday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. at the King Arts Complex in Mame Moore Park. This is a rain or shine outdoor event held July 11 – August 29, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio.  Opportunities include Vendor Booths accompanied by a Radio schedule for 4 or 8 Thursday events.  Attendance 4,000+. 


Hosted by Faith Ministries Church in Columbus, Ohio, this 6th Annual international event focuses on teaching, preaching and healing. Over 100 countries from around the world attend this 5 day event. Opportunities include Event Sponsorships, Vendor Booths, Souvenir Program Book Advertising, Speaking Opportunities, Business Networking and In Kind Donations. Attendance 1,000+. 

CHAMPIONS OF DIVERSITY AWARDS LUNCHEON, BUSINESS EXPO & CAREER FAIR:  The 3rd Annual Awards Luncheon honors diversity pioneers, legends and corporations for their outstanding efforts in Diversity Leadership, Development, Workforce, Supplier and Community Outreach. Day 2 features a day long Business Expo and Career Fair.  Hosted by the Ohio Conference NAACP this event will be held on September 25, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio at the Aladdin Shrine Temple. Attendance 1000+. 

This year’s Champions of Diversity Keynote Speaker is Mr. Benjamin Todd Jealous, National NAACP President.  Columbus, Ohio City Mayor Michael Coleman will receive the Pioneer Award and the Amos H. Lynch, Sr., Legend Award will be presented to the late Honorable Judge Robert Duncan.

The 3rd Annual Champions of Diversity Awards is being sponsored by The Ohio State University, The Puffin Foundation West, Walmart, Fifth Third Bank, Honda, Ohio Means Jobs, The Columbus Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation and Spencer 4Higher Media.

Sponsorships, Tables, Tickets and Souvenir Program Book Ads are now on Sale!  Contact Brenda Spencer at bspencer@spencer4highermedia.com for reservations.


There are many Benefits for your Small Business, Group or Corporation as a Sponsor for the events listed above.   

 Benefits include:

* Public exposure for your company or groups products and services 

* Product Sales

* Employer Recruitment 

* Product Sampling & Testing

* Introduce your company or group to New Consumers and Communities

* Community Good Will (paying it forward and back)

* Information and Data Collection

* Plus many more.

If you are interested in being a Sponsor, Program Book Advertiser, Vendor Booth Exhibitor, Provide In Kind Donations or Attend any of the events listed contact Spencer 4Higher Media.


HOT Flash Is a FREE monthly newsletter distributed globally to over 50,000 and growing advertising and marketing executives, business owners, community leaders and entrepreneur’s. If you would like Spencer 4Higher Media to list your special events to encourage advertising and sponsorship sales, please submit your request by clicking on the Request info link above. All opportunities will be considered. Events are not guaranteed to be listed.  All Event Advertising and Sponsorship will be sold via Spencer 4Higher Media starting at 30% agency commissions.  Events listed must be Annual events and have a minimum 3 year track record of hosting successful events. Contractual agreement must be signed prior to listing.



                                 SALES TIP #5

 “To Generate Sales….You Have To Advertise”

I know I talked about this at the beginning of the year!  However, it is worth repeating over and over and over again.

I will continue to reinforce this fact…You have to Advertise! 

There are many ways to advertise and promote your product and services. Beginning with Word of Mouth. I encourage all new business owners to use Word of Mouth by starting in their own back yard with family and friends.

It always amazes me that some people start a business without ever making a plan for advertising or having advertising as part of their business plan. So I ask you “How can you expect to Sell your products and services if no one knows you exist”. The answer is easy… You Can’t!

You must have an advertising Budget. This is money you plan to spend each week, month and year on advertising and promotion. Of course with today’s technology and the internet you can find ways to advertise with virtually little to no money however this only goes so far, especially if you want to expand your business and generate real revenue.  Plus remember “You get what you pay for” still holds true!

There are many avenues to choose from to advertise your products and services. Advertising mediums include radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, fliers, the Internet, and many other ways like sponsorships, email blast, mobile apps and text messaging. The main idea is to establish a budget, know your target market, and determine what the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach them.

One of the first questions I ask business owners before we do business and while conducting a Client Needs Analysis is “What is your Advertising Budget”! I wish a business good luck and immediately end the conversation when they respond with “I figured I open up first, make some money and then advertise”! 

This is the worst thing a business can ever do! I have seen more businesses fail by using the “I’ll advertise later plan”.  

 To generate Sales “You Have To Advertise”!  If you would like a Client Needs Analysis and to learn more about Sales and Advertising Techniques contact Spencer 4Higher Media. Simply click on the link above and submit your request!



 Spencer 4Higher Media proudly “Thanks” the following Clients 

for their Business and continued Support!

 UPS ~ The Ohio State University Department of Athletics Fan Experience and Promotions ~ The Ohio State University Office of Diversity & Inclusion ~ The Ohio State University Office of Outreach & Engagement ~ The Ohio Sickle Cell & Health Association ~ Fifth Third Bank ~ Franklin County Children’s Services ~ Ohio Conference NAACP ~ Sigal Models & Talent Agency ~ Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission ~  Prime at Lounge 62 ~  LifeCare Alliance ~ Eventfully Yours ~ Columbus Car Trader ~ First Friday’s ~ Columbus Kappa Foundation ~ Faith Ministries ~ Champions of Diversity ~ Presidential Entertainment ~ Smith Mortuary ~ Star Status Entertainment


Special Thanks to The Spencer 4Higher Media Team

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