About The Program:

“Exploring Careers – Focus on your Future” targets at-risk and under served youth in grades 3 through 12 and is also open to all interested schools and districts.
The main goals and objectives of “Exploring Careers – Focus on your Future” is to introduce students to different types of Career opportunities they may or may not have considered for their future and to provide detailed information on what education and steps are needed to reach their goals.
“Exploring Careers – Focus on your Future” includes a complete step by step curriculum for teachers to follow, a selection of careers for students to choose from, detailed information on different careers, professional speakers, tours to actual work sites, transportation to and from work sites, pre and post evaluations and surveys, consultations from Program Managers, attendance at annual professional development workshop, selections of student community services projects and financial planning and college savings program for parents and students.
 “Exploring Careers – Focus on your Future” has also designed a unique reward system to assist teachers in keeping the students learning, active and positive that increases good behavior, class participation and higher grades. This program will also discourage and limit truancy, discipline problems, and expelling students.
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