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Here, I want you to think of not only the physical place – location or domicile – where the product, service, or activity

is physically occurring, but also these questions:

Who and where is my customer? (This is often considered the marketing researcher’s role and we are more likely to

ask, “Where is

my respondent, where is my sample?”)
Am I reaching my customer, and if I am, how do I reach them more effectively?
Let’s consider that the marketing research client has already identified its market; has initiated some promotional

activity (such as direct mail advertisement or CRM material); and is asking the marketing research agent to assist in

increasing their understanding (and in some cases gaining insight into the customer in their market and the effectiveness

/reach of the corresponding direct mail piece).

One of the first business and research questions that the research agent should ask to assist the client in gleaning insight

into the customer and the effectiveness of the direct mail message is, “What does the direct mail process look like at the point of customer

engagement – the postal mailbox?”

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